Red-M Blade gives Handspring users Bluetooth boost

Red-M Blade gives Handspring users Bluetooth boost


Red-M™, a pioneer in advanced wireless networking solutions, today launches an addition to the Red-M Blade family, with its Bluetooth module for Handspring Visor handheld computers. The Red-M Blade is easily inserted into the Springboard™ expansion slot in the back of the device giving users quick and easy access to Bluetooth wireless mobility.

Access email, calendar, contacts and browse the Internet or Intranet anywhere

Communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices for data sharing and game-playing

Send SMS messages and auto-dial contacts direct from a Handspring Visor

Connects without wires in the home, on the road or in the office

The latest member of the Red-M Blade family of products enables users of the Handspring Visor Platinum, Edge, Prism, Pro & Neo to connect anytime, anywhere to a Bluetooth mobile phone to enable easy access to the Internet, email, calendar and other data. The Red-M Blade can also identify and connect with other authorized Bluetooth devices, such as a PC or Bluetooth in-building network for wireless access and synchronization.

Roger Kermisch, Vice President & General Manager, Handspring Europe, comments, “We are delighted that Red-M is making Bluetooth technology available to Visor users. It again underlines the versatility of the Springboard platform and puts additional value in the hands of our customers. Red-M is at the forefront of developing powerful wireless connectivity solutions and we are pleased that users of Handspring Visors can now be part of the next generation of mobile working and gaming.”

Joyce Putscher Director, Converging Markets and Technologies Group, Cahners In-Stat explains, “I’m delighted that Red-M is bringing Bluetooth technology to Handspring. I fully expect a somewhat symbiotic relationship to develop between future PDA growth and Bluetooth access points, as each will fuel growth for the other. Cahners In-Stat research shows that a number of companies across business sizes plan to deploy Bluetooth wireless solutions. PDA and Handheld PC worldwide shipment growth this year will approach 20%, contrary to the tough PC market conditions.”

Simon Gawne, Vice President and co-founder of Red-M, adds, “The Red-M Blade product family underlines Red-M’s commitment to driving widespread wireless adoption. The new Red-M Blade gives Handspring users the ability to access a wide variety of information quickly and easily wherever they are, a facility which can only enhance the popularity of Handspring PDA’s as business and leisure tools.”

When inserted into the Springboard slot the Red-M Blade sits unobtrusively in line with the back and top of the handheld computer, maintaining the Handspring’s sleek design. The Red-M Blade combines the functionality of the Handspring operating system with Bluetooth wireless flexibility, wherever the user needs access to current information. Whether in the office or at home Red-M Blades now enable both Handspring and Palm users to link to a Bluetooth network, such as that provided by Red-M’s 3000AS access server and 1000AP access point devices, to enable low cost, high speed access to email, calendar, contacts information, plus company Intranet and the Internet.

Priced at $179, the Red-M Blade for Handspring will be available this month from selected retail outlets. The Red-M Blade for Palm VX is currently shipping, priced at $199. For further information, please visit Red-M’s website at