Full TV Screen Realized on NEC’s New LCD for Mobile Phones

Full TV Screen Realized on NEC’s New LCD for Mobile Phones


NEC Corp. said it has developed a “system-on-glass” liquid-crystal display, a new display indispensable for a “full-size” TV screen to be seen on a mobile phone.

This display was developed through the following steps: (1) developing the system-on-glass (a low-temperature polysilicon CMOS thin-film transistor) that integrally molds a high-definition LCD with a driving circuit. This enabled a 2.6-in. reflective 360 x 480-pixel color LCD with a fineness of 230 color pixels per inch.

(2) A new liquid crystal cell suitable for reflective display was developed. This cell, with development of precisely shape-controlled indents on the surface of the reflective panel, enabled bright and high-contrast 260,000-color display.

(3) Its proprietary partial display technology (called “partial display mode”) helped achieve power saving through the use of the panel structure and driving circuit on which data signals carrying the voltage equal to the common electrode can be written at any time. Then this partial display technology accomplished low consumption of 1.7mW (down 90 percent from conventional models) at partial display mode of 11 percent of full display.

The new display can perform the 352 x 288-pixel standard TV screen (Common Intermediate Format or CIF) and text indicators can be displayed at the same time on split views on the monitor, which was not supported by conventional products. Besides, the perimeter around the screen was narrowed nearly 50 percent to provide wide view and high definition on a small body like a mobile phone.