Sony Ericsson Unveils Wearable Bluetooth Handsfree

Sony Ericsson Unveils Wearable Bluetooth Handsfree


Today Sony Ericsson announced the launch of the Ericsson Bluetooth™ Handsfree HBH-20, an appealing and wearable new approach to Bluetooth technology. Packing the electronics into about half the size of a credit card, the Bluetooth Handsfree clips neatly onto clothing and can be worn as naturally as a necklace or watch. The handsfree will reach the market in early November 2001.

The Bluetooth Handsfree HBH-20 provides a new way to take advantage of this innovative wireless technology, eliminating the physical connection to the phone but incorporating the familiar design of a traditional handsfree. Designed to be worn all day, it consists of a small Bluetooth unit and a separate earpiece, connected by a short wire, which also contains the microphone.
The Bluetooth unit can be carried on a necklace or clipped onto a shirt or blouse, and even features interchangeable covers that allow the wearer to coordinate its appearance with clothing. The earpiece is only needed when actually making a call, allowing the handsfree to blend in easily with the wearer’s apparel.
The innovative design of the Bluetooth Handsfree is not its only feature, however. Small buttons on the Bluetooth unit enable users to manage both incoming and outgoing calls without touching the phone. Full support for voice dialling is provided, as is a unique call reject button. The wearer can dismiss a call directly from the handsfree – without having to answer and hang up.
Bluetooth products communicate by means of a radio link, eliminating the need for a physical connection via cable. Ericsson was the prime initiator of the Bluetooth standard and continues to be a driving force for the technology.

Quick facts: Bluetooth™ Handsfree HBH-20

Size (Bluetooth unit): 68 x 35 x 22 mm
Total weight: 26 g
Weight (Bluetooth unit only): 18 g
Talk time: Up to 4 hours
Standby time: Up to 60 hours
Colours: Silver base, silver and dark blue covers

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