Margi Systems Unveils Presenter-To-Go Presentation Solution for the Pocket PC

Margi Systems Unveils Presenter-To-Go Presentation Solution for the Pocket PC


MARGI Systems, the leading provider of mobile presentation solutions that turn handhelds into professional quality presentation devices, today unveiled its new Presenter-to-Go for the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC at the Pocket PC Summit in Santa Monica, California. Presenter-to-Go is a complete presentation solution providing corporate executives, sales and marketing professionals with a simple, fast and flexible tool for the delivery of high-quality color presentations. This breakthrough offering transfers presentations created in virtually any PC application directly to the iPAQ Pocket PC for instant display. Chosen as the “Presentation Tool of Choice” for the 2001 Pocket PC Summit, Presenter-to-Go will be used by a number of keynote speakers delivering presentations during the event including, Compaq AvantGo, Handango, CEWindows. and Whitaker, Moore and Associates.

“Professionals in today’s mobile business environment are looking to smart handheld devices such as the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC to conduct business more effectively while on the road,” said Cindy Box, Compaq’s Director of Marketing, iPAQ Mobile Solutions. “MARGI Systems’ new Presenter-to-Go presentation solution helps to create an indispensable tool for allowing our customers to deliver professional presentations directly from their iPAQ Pocket PCs.”

MARGI will demonstrate its newest Presenter-to-Go product at booth # 48 on October 10, 2001 in Santa Monica, California. As the event’s “Presentation Tool of Choice,” Presenter-to-Go allows speakers to present from multiple applications such as PowerPoint, HTML and Word as well as local handheld content via the MARGI Mirror function. Additionally, with time-saving, cost-effective solutions becoming increasingly important to today’s mobile professionals, MARGI’s Presenter-to-Go solution provides a unique value proposition.

“The selection of MARGI’s Presenter-to-Go product as Pocket PC Summit’s “Presentation Tool of Choice” marks a milestone in the continuing evolution of handheld devices and applications as viable business tools,” said Shrinath Acharya, CEO of MARGI Systems. “Our newest Presenter-to-Go product for Pocket PC handhelds, including the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, strengthens the value proposition of handhelds by instantly transforming them into easily deployable, professional quality presentation tools. As the only company providing a complete presentation solution for professionals on the go, this offering further validates our leadership in the mobile presentation space and reaffirms our commitment to deliver a compelling new medium that will increase productivity.”

Presenter-to-Go is the only complete hardware and software presentation application of its kind. With the increasing pressure put on educators, government officials, sales professionals and corporate executives to deliver a greater number of presentations with less time and budget, Presenter-to-Go offers a simple, cost-effective solution which maximizes the potential of the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC. This flexible offering allows today’s mobile workforce to transfer presentations created in Windows printable applications to their handheld device, the ability to preview slides and present at 1024 x 768. MARGI’s Presenter-to-Go application allows users to selectively hide/show slides, drag and drop slides, view slide text and view presentation notes, continuously loop slide shows and provides a remote control for ease of presentation.

MARGI’s Presenter-to-Go mobile presentation solution comes complete with a PC Card for use on Pocket PC handhelds, software for slide creation from virtually any PC application and MARGI Mirror for displaying handheld content. Additionally, a VGA Adapter Cable with power port, 14-button Infrared remote control, AC Adapter power supply, and mini adapter for direct connection to projectors are included. The new Presenter-to-Go will be available October 15, 2001 on the MARGI Systems Web site:. www.margi,com and from resellers across the country including CDW, Handango, and MobilePlanet. The Presenter-to-Go will retail for $299.00 with an introductory end-user price of $249.00 through November 30, 2001 for the complete solution.