Comverse Infosys’ Uveils Wireless Video Monitoring Capabilities For Security Systems via your...

Comverse Infosys’ Uveils Wireless Video Monitoring Capabilities For Security Systems via your PDA


Comverse Infosys, Inc., a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, Inc. and a leading global provider of intelligent digital voice, video and data recording and content management applications for the security, surveillance, law enforcement and contact center markets announced today that its’ Loronix division is introducing its new wireless monitoring capability. The Loronix software applications can run on handheld computers (PDAs) that use the Windows CEä operating system. Through the PDA, authorized users will be able to perform multiple functions, including video monitoring, review and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera control from virtually any location in the world.

Wireless monitoring will be significant to security and law enforcement professionals that desire roving remote access to their Loronix Networked Digital Video Management System (NDVMS). Utilizing the NDVMS capability of alarming events, the system can send an instantaneous notification and video to local security or law enforcement authorities for decision and action. Users can also view video remotely from their PDA, and the application allows users to control the pan, tilt and zoom of cameras. Security and law enforcement officials will now have the advantage of knowing what an alarm situation entails before actually entering a building, room or area, and be able to deploy resources accordingly. Users can also connect to multiple sites, review video alarms, and communicate with audio to other devices. Wireless monitoring runs through a wireless network, or can be used via cellular technology, and is compatible with all Loronix systems.

Police officers have used this wireless technology to determine the best point-of-entry to crime scenes, during a test conducted with the Seal Beach, California police department. “By providing leading-edge technology to the market we provide greater value to our customers,” commented Peter Jankowski, Chief Technology Officer for Loronix Information Systems. “Wireless technology will expand the level of capability and effectiveness that users have to utilize their digital video management system and ultimately make the security or law enforcement officer’s job safer and more effective.”