Raycom Personal Massager for the Handspring Visor

Raycom Personal Massager for the Handspring Visor


Raycom Personal Massager is a well-featured yet simple to use massage device that will relax your tense or tired muscles while you read a book, watch TV, work on your Visor handheld or just relax. Compatible with the Handspring Visor handhelds, the module provides stimulating muscles workout previously only possible with conventional Electronic Muscles Stimulation (EMS) devices. Based on established EMS principle, Personal Massager stimulates your tired muscles and relaxes the body in the absence of normal physical exercise.

The product is a tiny module that comes with a cord and two pads, fits unnoticeably into the pocket. To use after a hard days work, the user simply applies the pads to the selected body area. Then simply snaps on the module to the Visor handheld, follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you begin a workout. You may run other programs while massaging is in progress.

Besides the Instruction Handbook, Pull-Down instruction screens and Body Guide provide quick reference to the users. Users may choose from a tantalizing selection of massage modes ranging from soothing Squeeze, to stimulating Chop or solid Tap or combination of massages designed for the shoulders, back, arms and legs.

Beginners may commence with the basic Squeeze mode by following the pictorial step-by-step Quick Guide to get started. Regular users will enjoy the Personal Settings capabilities eg. Frequency, Burst, ramp-up time, modulation and duration. These settings are usually found on expensive high-end conventional devices available.

The module is color-enabled and allows the users to watch the massaging mode in progress from the dynamic graphic screen not available in normal machines. Future free downloads from the web are available to registered users. In addition various energy saving and soft start features are incorporated for maximum use. As the product harnesses the simplicity of Palm OS, no special training is required for Visor handheld users.