Sprint and Samsung to Introduce First Full-Color Screen, Palm Powered Phone

Sprint and Samsung to Introduce First Full-Color Screen, Palm Powered Phone


Wireless industry leaders Samsung Telecommunications America (STA) and Sprint today announced the availability of the SPH-I300 Sprint PCS Phone by Samsung, a wireless handset featuring the benefits of the Palm-OS® platform in a sleek, full-color-screen device. The SPH-I300 is a wireless PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) phone that was developed jointly by Sprint PCS and STA, in conjunction with Palm. The SPH-I300 will operate on the 100 percent digital CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Sprint PCS nationwide network. The product is now available exclusively at Sprint stores throughout the Delaware Valley, including:

Abington * Marlton, NJ * Springfield (Delaware County), Cherry Hill, NJ * Montgomeryville * Wilmington, DE, Exton * Northeast * Wynnewood, King of Prussia (2) * Oxford Valley, Market Street * South Street, For broadcast media, there will be a satellite feed today from 2:30 to 2:45 p.m. ET (Telestar 6 C-Band, transponder 8H, Channel 8)providing an overview and demonstration of the product.

The SPH-I300 demonstrates Sprint PCS and STA’s commitment to providing business customers and consumers with innovative technology and cutting-edge features in both their wireless devices and services. The SPH-I300 enables customers to do everything from beaming contact information to scheduling meetings and downloading presentations while talking on the phone. This Palm Powered(TM) phone eliminates the need for business customers to carry their PDA, laptop and wireless phone on business trips or to meetings, allowing them to minimize the number of devices they carry, while maximizing efficiency.

Weighing only six ounces with the standard battery, the dual-band handset offers a backlit, virtual dialing pad on the Touch Screen Panel (TSP) with a 256-color display. The SPH-I300 also features a dual LCD screen with Caller ID on the front and top of the handset for when it’s worn on the hip.

For added convenience, Palm’s Graffiti® power writing software allows customers to transcribe notes on a portion of the screen as an alternative to inputting text through the touch pad. Additional timesaving features include voice-activated dialing, built-in speakerphone, short messaging service, email and fax data capabilities.

“Sprint PCS is pleased to demonstrate its leadership in innovation and value-added devices once again as the first wireless carrier in the United States to offer a sleek, full color screen, Palm OS-based wireless handset,” said Jay Highley, vice president, business marketing, Sprint PCS. “We’ve seen a growing demand for Sprint PCS Clear Wireless Workplace products and services that increase both professional and personal productivity. The SPH-I300 delivers this and more by integrating wireless computing functionality with voice services into a single chic device. Productivity has never been so cool — whether you’re a mobile business customer looking for relevant solutions to business problems, or a consumer that wants to better manage, prioritize and simplify your personal life.”

“With the SPH-I300, business people and consumers now have a handheld product that meets their complete voice, time and data management needs,” said Peter Skarzynski, senior vice president of wireless terminals sales and marketing for STA. “By combining the advanced features of Samsung’s wireless phone technology with Palm’s handheld operating system, the SPH-I300 allows customers to lighten their device load, yet stay organized and in touch with the information and the people they need, even on the go.”

With multi-functional keys featured on the side of the device, the SPH-I300 is designed for easy, one-handed dialing, allowing users to dial numbers from their address book without using the stylus. Additionally, the SPH-I300 offers voice memo, speed dialing and a categorized address book, permitting several phone entries for one contact. An extra battery, a leather case and a stylus are also included with the phone.

With 8MB of memory, customers can download any of the more than 10,000 available Palm OS compatible applications including: travel tools; games; financial utilities; Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for handhelds; eBooks; and communication tools for accessing email and wireless Internet content. The battery life of the SPH-I300 is approximately 4 hours talk time and 100 hours standby time in digital mode using a standard battery.

“The Palm OS platform is the handheld operating system of choice for a new generation of wireless communications,” said Gina Clark, vice president of marketing for Palm’s Platform Solutions Group. “The SPH-I300 Sprint PCS Phone is an excellent example of how industry leaders like Samsung and Sprint PCS are incorporating the strength and adaptability of the Palm OS into powerful new communications and business management tools to satisfy market demand. At Palm’s Platform Solutions Group, we are singularly focused on advancing the Palm OS platform by integrating new technologies and capabilities and working with our licensees to make their creative designs a reality for business users and consumers worldwide.”

The SPH-I300 offers Web browsing and access to email through the WAP compliant Openwave(TM) Mobile Browser 4.1 and Palm’s wireless Web clipping technology for quick and easy access to specific Internet data. One of the most impressive features of the phone is the Handspring Blazer browser which allows customers to visit virtually any Internet site since it is compatible with several languages including HTML, WML (WAP) and cHTML. The browser also supports color graphics, bookmarks and personalization. Sprint PCS business customers will also be able to access Wireless Web for Business applications such as corporate email, corporate directories, customer relationship management tools and travel services, as well as customized applications that have been wirelessly enabled.

The Sprint PCS Phone SPH-I300 will be priced at $499.99 retail and at $449.99 for business customers that are part of Sprint PCS’ Nationwide Volume Program (NVP). For more information, visit the Sprint PCS Web site at http://www.sprintpcs.com or STA’s Web site at http://www.samsungusa.com/wireless .