Murata Proposes Bluetooth-Enabled Humanoid Robot

Murata Proposes Bluetooth-Enabled Humanoid Robot


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the development of a humanoid robot equipped with a Bluetooth module.

Murata proposed the concept of humanoid robots by taking advantage of Bluetooth wireless communication technology, which works well to keep out various outside wireless interference signals.

Murata’s Bluetooth-enabled humanoid robot will be applied to: 1) cooperative operations with other robots in a team, and 2) research and development of robots that can be controlled remotely by PCs or other devices. Murata expects the humanoid robot with the Bluetooth module to help widen applications of such robots, for example, as disaster-relief robots.

Murata’s humanoid robot, called “morph,” has been developed by Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project , one project of the “Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology (ERATO )” programs administered by the Japan Science and Technology Corp.

According to Murata’s announcement, installing the Bluetooth modules into the “morph” robot and operation verification have been carried out by ZMP Inc. , a venture company that was established based on the technologies transferred from an ERATO project.