Sony Cineza Home Entertainment Projector

Sony Cineza Home Entertainment Projector


Movies with widescreen cinematic impact. Sports that put you on the playing field. Games so real, you’ll feel like you’re in the action. But they’re all in your home – in any room, on any wall. That’s the power of Cineza™: Sony’s VPL-HS1 Home Entertainment Projector.

Powerful, affordable, stylish, and compact, the Cineza Projector is the ultimate home entertainment device. Experience brilliant high resolution images on a screen that can be 60″ or as big as 150″ (viewable area, measured diagonally) in 4:3 or 16:9 format. The Cineza has direct Memory Stick™ input for viewing of digital stills and Side Shot™ digital keystone adjustment for off-centered placement. With the Cineza Projector and your lifestyle, the possibilities are endless.

Side Shot™ digital keystone correction
The Cineza Projector is the first video projector for the home with Side Shot feature, allowing for horizontal as well as vertical adjustment capability. You can place the Cineza Projector at an angle to the screen and use your Remote Commander™ control to correct for keystone effect. Your audience sits front and center; the projector doesn’t have to. You can also use an optional Sony projector stand that lets you angle your projector, then lock in vertical and horizontal adjustments. View Side Shot Diagram

Direct Input for Memory Stick™ Media
The Memory Stick slot allows for easy, larger than life viewing of digital photos from a Sony Digital Mavica® camera or Cyber-shot™ camera. You can share giant screen images in JPEG format with family and friends. Or, bring out your star quality and give home videos the big-screen impact of Hollywood productions by plugging in your Sony Handycam® camcorder into the Cineza Projector. You can also use Memory Stick media for exchanging photos with friends, so your Cineza Projector experience can keep growing as you move into the digital future.

Video Memory
You can store picture control settings in memory for multiple home entertainment components, including VHS tape, DVD disk, TV programs, or computer input — then switch quickly by remote control to the ideal setting for whatever you’re watching. Don’t waste time re-setting your favorites every time you turn on the projector. If you prefer a softer DVD picture and a sharper video game that will make the animation “pop” off the screen, you need only adjust the color and picture options, as well as keystoning, once. Store them in memory, and the next time you watch a DVD, you’ll have the picture you prefer!

Ultra-Quiet 30dB Fan
Because the Cineza Projector was designed specifically for home entertainment applications, its cooling fan is whisper-quiet, and won’t distract you from the cinematic experience of your giant-screen picture.

Full-Function Backlit Remote
With the supplied infrared RM-PJHS1 Remote Commander® unit, controlling your projector is simple — and a backlit panel helps you see the controls when room lights are low.

User-Friendly On-Screen Display
On-screen menus guide you in projector setup and input selection.

Multi-Language Menus
You can choose from nine languages for menu display: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

Preset Signal Input Data
Once you input your video signals, you can instantly select the best image reproduction mode.

Stereo Speakers
You’ll have a pair of 2W x 2W stereo speakers for sound from components you hook up directly, like a camcorder or video game.

Easy Lamp & Filter Exchange
You can easily exchange both projection lamp and filter — and on-screen messages prompt you when it’s time to make a change.