Sotec to Launch Sales of Windows CE 3.0 Pen PC Before 2002

Sotec to Launch Sales of Windows CE 3.0 Pen PC Before 2002


Sotec Co., Ltd. is exhibiting at the World PCExpo 2001 its new pen-input computer, the “A-1,” installed with the Windows CE 3.0 operating system.

It is slated to be on the market by the end of the year.

Usage of computers with pens, or styluses, to input data is more usually associated with business users, but Sotec says it will market the A-1 to ordinary consumers. The retail price is set to be around $899 USD.

At present, Windows CE-based devices are usually thought of as pocket-PC-type personal digital assistants. However, the A-1 is a little too big to be classified as a PDA. At first sight, its 8-in. 800 x 600 pixel LCD display resembles a flat-panel TV, but its light weight and slim design (it weighs 615g and is only 16mm thick) mean that users should have no problem packing it in a bag or a briefcase and carrying it around with them. It also comes equipped with a USB port so that if users want, they can connect it to a mouse or keyboard and use it like a conventional PC.

The A-1’s CPU is a 206MHz StrongARM chip, and it is equipped with 64MB of main memory. In terms of performance, it stands out as being superior to all the CE-based machines currently on the market. Users will be able to find things they can do with it that they wouldn’t be able to do with an ordinary PDA.