Sony’s GSM Sony CMD-Z7 Preview

Sony’s GSM Sony CMD-Z7 Preview


We will see, just on the occasion of SMAU 2001, the new telephone dual band of the series Z of Sony, together with the other new products of the Japanese builder that has recently announced about four. It is about the CMD-Z7 that, like the other two models, the CMD-J7 and the CMD-J70, is characterized by the absence of the antenna that has been integrated in the telephone according to what is considered the last tendency of the market.

The dimensions are very compact (91 x 50 x 25), the weight is of 95 grams, therefore not exaggeratedly reduced, and the volume is of 90 cc. As we said the antenna is integrated, we the active flip and the display – graphic, at high resolution and having the adjustable contrast – is at 4 tones of grey with 96 x 92 pixel. The model in examination is of metallic grey colour, as it happens for its predecessor CMD-Z5; thanks to a special productive process it is provided with final touches resistant to damages resulting from the use or from a fall.

Considering the high band in which it is placed, its endowments are of first rank and quite numerous. Among them we can find: microbrowser Wap, in version 1.1 and Microsoft Mobile Explorer for the “light” and traditional navigation of the Net; support of the protocols POP3 and SMTP for the sending and the receipt of the electronic mail; jog dial 5D for a good navigation both of the menu and of Internet (situated in a different position, more practical, in comparison with the past); incorporated live voice; vibracall; 14,4 Kbs integrated modem; dictionary T9 of the Tegic; vocal call (up to 10 numbers) and vocal memo; internal space for 10 SMS; clock, with date and alarm clock; 4 backgrounds at scale of grey, 2 backgrounds Sony and 2 backgrounds personalized by the consumer.