Axis Bluetooth Access Point Supports Telephony & Data

Axis Bluetooth Access Point Supports Telephony & Data


Axis Communications is offering the Axis 9010 Bluetooth Access Point, a Bluetooth-based wireless access point supporting both telephony and data services.

The Axis 9010 is designed to enable mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to local networks and the Web. It is built around the firm’s latest version of its integrated system-on-a-chip ETRAX, which features embedded Linux and has been optimized for Internet applications.

The access point connects to Ethernet and fast Ethernet and other systems running TCP/IP. It features point-to-multipoint functionality, with DHCP for server and client IP address management.

In addition to compliance with Bluetooth Class 1 radio configurations, the device has a built-in Web server with a Web interface for configuration, remote management and support information. It also supports Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) authentication and accounting protocol.