Seiko SmartPad2 – The Connected Notepad

Seiko SmartPad2 – The Connected Notepad


Imagine writing anything. In any language. Drawing whatever you like. Writing with ink on paper. And capturing everything on your handheld organizer*.

The Seiko Instruments SmartPad2™ is the first product that lets you instantly capture every-thing you write or draw using the SmartPad pen on ordinary paper. You can handwrite notes and store them in your Date Book or draw a map with directions and attach it to a contact in your Address Book.

The SmartPad2 adjustable infrared transceiver sends your notes and drawings directly to your handheld via the infrared port. Store your notes as attachments to any of the four Palm OS applications or transfer them via HotSync® to your PC. From your PC you can print your notes and file, fax or email them. Also you can email notes and drawings directly from your handheld with optional email software and a modem or phone.