Ericsson Launches The T66 and R600 Mobile Phones

Ericsson Launches The T66 and R600 Mobile Phones


Ericsson has launched three new mobile phones, making a total of six in the fourth quarter. They include the smallest and lightest phone that has yet come from Ericsson.

“The industry is in the midst of a technology shift now, when we’re changing to GPRS and we can demonstrate our strongest product assortment ever,” says Peter Bodor, Public Relations manager at Ericsson Mobile Communications.

Ericsson is presenting a new, fresh GPRS portfolio. It includes the new T66, weighing just 59 grams, which is the smallest telephone Ericsson has produced. It has 150 hours of standby time and comes in two colors, Silver Supreme and Purple Passion.

Despite its extremely compact shape, the T66 has a series of finesses. It is equipped with Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) and can operate internationally on the network GSM 900/1800/1900.

The T66 comes with a travel charger and a handsfree kit, and will be available during the fourth quarter this year.

Trend-conscious consumers with high standards for functionality find the right phone with the Ericsson R600. It’s a perfect combination of design and finesse. The R600 is a GPRS telephone with quick connection to the Mobile Internet. It weighs 80 grams and has about 200 hours of standby time. It comes in two colors, Luminous Champagne and Ice Blue.

The five-line display is perfect for possibilities made available through Enhanced Messaging Service, EMS. Pictures, sound effects and animations can be sent. Background colors of the display can be changed from green to orange and red. It’s also possible to set a background color on the display, and with WAP, the user can download background pictures that he or she wants.

The R600 is equipped with Mobile Chat and four games, Erix, Catcher, Pathy and Ripple.

Delivery for certain markets with GSM 900/1800 systems will start during the fourth quarter this year, and the R600 will be available on all GSM 900/1800 markets during the first quarter of 2002.

The third release is the R380e, a follow-up of the R380. This new and improved version takes the concept one step further. Like its predecessor, the R380e is a combined mobile telephone, calendar, address book and terminal for Mobile Internet, fully equipped with email and WAP-services. The phone has a WAP 1.2.1 browser and supports WTLS Class 2 for full WAP Security.