Sanyo Exhibits Mobile Phone with OEL Display Screen

Sanyo Exhibits Mobile Phone with OEL Display Screen


Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a prototype mobile phone equipped with an organic electroluminescent display panel.

The phone’s screen is capable of showing video and animated images in vivid color tones.

With an organic EL screen, each individual liquid crystal element that makes up the panel can emit light on its own. This makes them completely different than conventional TFT-LCD panels, which need backlights. Organic EL panels therefore produce sharp images in clear colors, without any unevenness or blurring.

An additional advantage is that the image can be viewed clearly even if the screen is at an angle. The elements are also quick to respond to changes in the input signal, so OEL screens are ideal for showing fast-changing images such as video.

The mobile phone that Sanyo has on display at World PC Expo 2001 is a third-generation handset that is scheduled to become available sometime next year. The organic EL screen is a 2.2-inch panel with 176 x 220 dot resolution and can display 260,000 color tones. The phone also has a built-in camera in the top right corner.