MP3 Server for Wireless 802.11b and Bluetooth Networks – Free Beta Online

MP3 Server for Wireless 802.11b and Bluetooth Networks – Free Beta Online


Sensate Inc. today announced the launch of 2nR-Musiker for RealNetworks’ RealJukebox. 2nR-Musiker for RealJukebox allows consumers to download, upload, and stream MP3 music to wireless and wired network devices running Windows or PocketPC. 2nR-Musiker™ supports popular existing wired IP networks, and wireless networks that are based on the HomeRF, IrDA, Bluetooth, or 802.11b standards offered by Intel, Proxim Agere, Linksys, and others.

“2nR-Musiker enables 1 PC to become the central server for all your music needs. Our PC and WinCE player clients connect laptops, PDAs, and devices to the MP3 server in a seamless and transparent manner. With RealJukebox, 2nR-Musiker manages content, upload, download, and streaming to network devices in a simple and compelling way.” stated Robin Dymond, founder and CEO of Sensate Inc. “With 2nR-Musiker Sensate is delivering the in-demand next generation consumer entertainment application for the home network and consumer devices: Internet audio.” added Mr. Dymond.

2nR-Musiker is a vertical application based on AoIP™, Sensate’s wireless network application platform and middleware. AoIP allows wireless 802.11b local area networks to have features found in cellular wide area networks, such as client and services discovery, authentication, profiling, roaming, caching, QoS, and other features.