XM Meets MP3

XM Meets MP3


Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, announced that its XM Radio Tuner Module will be available for purchase in September. Alpine is one of the first manufacturers to bring satellite-based, radio service in-dash product to market through its five XM Ready CD head units, as well as its in-dash, retractable LCD Mobile Multimedia Station.

Alpine’s XM Satellite-ready head units will provide consumers with in-dash products that are ready for “plug and play” with the XM Radio Tuner module. Alpine has already sold more than 70,000 XM Ready head units, and with the simple installation of the separate Alpine XM Tuner module and antenna, the Alpine products can receive all XM Satellite radio programming anywhere in the continental U.S. All products are also equipped with Bass Engine technology that provides user controls to customize the bass sound and the ability to customize the overall sound of their car audio system.

“We’re ready to give consumers this new satellite-based radio service with XM Satellite capabilities,” said Stephen Witt, vice president of Brand Marketing at Alpine Electronics. “With the availability of these six products and the XM Tuner module, Alpine is set to support XM’s lead market launches in San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX in September.”

XM Radio transmits radio broadcasts from its all-digital studios using commercial satellites for satellite-to-radio transmissions. As many as 100 new radio channels will be available featuring the best in music, news, talk, sports, entertainment and children’s programming, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.