Starfish Software Announces Simplify GPRS

Starfish Software Announces Simplify GPRS


Today, during CTIA Wireless I.T. & Internet 2001 in San Diego, Calif., Starfish Software, leading provider of end-to-end synchronization and mobile data connectivity solutions, announced the availability of Simplify® GPRS software. Designed for Windows PCs and Windows CE/Pocket PC devices, Simplify GPRS automatically configures an attached General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-enabled mobile phone or device to become a high-speed wireless modem. The carrier-class Simplify GPRS solution enables rapid, next-generation wireless Internet access for web browsing, e-mail and file sharing from a laptop computer or Pocket PC device, anywhere there are wireless services.

Starfish’s Simplify is a connectivity platform that provides wireless carriers a solution for building their brand as a reliable, data services provider, while driving data service revenues and margins by making it convenient for subscribers to use their data network. Device manufacturers will benefit from Simplify by having a platform to accentuate the value-added features of their next-generation phones and devices to encourage broad adoption among wireless carriers and ultimately, the consumer.

Simplify GPRS, the first solution in the Simplify series, will be licensed to GPRS wireless carriers worldwide, as well as manufacturers of wireless devices for GPRS networks for inclusion with their devices. Users can quickly set up and connect their Windows laptop or Pocket PC device to their wireless carrier’s GPRS network for fast Internet access to information and enterprise applications, with support for automatic phone detection and driver installation. Powerful diagnostic capabilities are included in Simplify GPRS, reducing support costs to carriers by empowering end users. An SMS client, along with additional applications, can be integrated into Simplify GPRS.

“Our partners have long relied on Starfish’s data mobility solutions to attract and retain customers. Starfish’s Simplify platform provides wireless carriers with unique solutions for driving their data services business and building relationships with their subscribers,” said Ms. Gregg Armstrong, chief operating officer of Starfish Software. “Simplify GPRS helps carriers accelerate adoption of their GPRS services by providing their customers with ‘Instant Internet Connectivity to Go’ for high-speed access to corporate data, e-mail and personal information.”

Over 30 carriers in more than 25 countries have announced implementation schedules for GPRS, representing over 300 million subscribers. AT&T Wireless recently announced they were the first wireless carrier in the United States offering advanced wireless data services. They are deploying a Simplify GPRS-based solution bundled with its first GPRS phone shipments—the Motorola Timeport® P7382i. Motorola is the first device manufacturer to include a Simplify GPRS-based solution with its wireless GPRS capable phones. The new Motorola Timeport® wireless GPRS capable phone and software combine to provide customers with voice-activated dialing and allows for high-speed data access to corporate Intranet sites, e-mail and personal information, such as calendars and contact information.

“GPRS device manufacturers will greatly improve the data connectivity experience they provide to their customers with Simplify GPRS,” said Mark Andrews, director of the Simplify GPRS program for Starfish Software. “This unique platform helps make the emerging 2.5G networks an increasingly viable solution for business users connecting to Enterprise applications and data, as well as for consumers to keep in touch with their favorite Internet spots.”

“The advent of GPRS wireless networks and handsets provides an efficient way for users of hand held and traditional portable computers to connect to the web using their cell phones. Simplify GPRS is a powerful solution for GPRS wireless carriers,” said Jim Forbes, executive editor, DEMOletter for IDG Executive Forums. “Simplify GPRS lets users manage the GPRS and Circuit Switched Data Calls using a single interface, which simplifies the wireless experience. Wireless GPRS carriers, and their end users, will appreciate the breadth and flexibility of Simplify GPRS.”