New Sony CLIE PEG-N750C

New Sony CLIE PEG-N750C


Sony Marketing Inc. has announced that a new addition to the CLIE lineup of personal digital assistant (PDA) devices “PEG-N750C” will go on sale Sept. 22.

The new PEG-N750C, a follow-up to the “PEG-N700C” model that was first put on sale in March, is a more-advanced PDA that will allow users to listen to music and watch TV programs.

The PEG-N750C features fuller compatibility with Sony Corp.’s Memory Stick data storage devices, along with a newer version of the Palm operating system (Palm OS 4.1) and capability for Windows XP. It is equipped with a 320 x 320 pixel thin-film-transistor (TFT) LCD that is capable of displaying 65,536 color tones.

The device will be marketed at an open price, although Sony Marketing says it will likely retail at slightly less than $425 USD.

Also, the PEG-N750C is equipped with the “MS Import/Export” system, as seen in the low-cost “PEG-N600C” model that went on sale in August. This means the PDA can be connected, via the cradle that is supplied with it, to a PC, so that new applications can easily be installed by downloading them directly from the PC to a Memory Stick stored in the PDA. (The cradle is linked to the PC by means of a USB cable.)

Applications stored on a Memory Stick can then be called up directly from the PDA’s menu screen whenever needed. This feature is advantageous for applications that require large volumes of data, such as maps or video images, for example, because users can run programs directly from a Memory Stick. Users can put a Memory Stick into the PDA unit whenever they want to use a particular application, rather than having a whole range of different applications stored permanently in the device’s memory.

The PEG-N750C also features a tool called “MS Backup,” which can store backup copies of any data the user has created on a Memory Stick. Previously, users had to save each file separately, one-by-one, to backup data on a Memory Stick. With the new PDA, however, it is possible for users to make backups of all the data they’ve created using the CLIE’s applications, all at once.

The PEG-N750C uses the “Xiino” Internet browser and comes with software such as “ATOK for CLIE P200SOC,” “MS Gate ver.2.1,” “TVscape ver.1.1” and “Navin’ You Pocket ver.1.1” preinstalled.

Sony’s new PDA features a 33MHz Dragonball VZ processor and its internal main memory consists of 8MB DRAM and 8MB flash memory. In addition to the USB port, the device also has an IrDA1.2 interface for exchanging data via an infrared link.

The unit has an internal lithium-ion polymer battery that can last for up to 15 days in normal use. The between-charges battery life is about 11 hours if the device is being used to play music. The PEG-N750C measures 71mm (wide) x 118.5mm (high) x 16.8mm (thick) and weighs 160g (with its stylus).