Sony Expands Aibo Entertainment Robot Line by Debuting New Models

Sony Expands Aibo Entertainment Robot Line by Debuting New Models


Underscoring its vision to bring a new form of entertainment into every U.S. household, the Entertainment Robot America (ERA) unit of Sony Electronics will release a new line of Entertainment Robots, affectionately to be known as the AIBO LM series [ERS-311/312].

Pre-sale orders will be accepted starting on Oct. 1, with the lovable new models appearing on store shelves and made available through the Internet ( on Oct. 27.

With model names like LATTE and MACARON robots in the AIBO LM series are expected to sell for about $850. The latest robots will include new advanced software enabled features such as photo-taking options, a 75 word vocabulary, new AIBO tonal language options, and interactive and expressive sensors that have helped define AIBO as the ultimate in home Entertainment Robots.

With its distinct design, developed by visual creator Katsura Moshino, world-renown for his highly original work in a variety of areas including product design and music video production, the AIBO LM series is differentiated from its predecessors by its friendlier, more affectionate look. Sony expects this design departure to expand the AIBO product line, appealing to a diversified consumer base. The new AIBO LM series will be available in ivory (LATTE) and gray (MACARON).

¡§Sony appreciates that consumer styles and needs are constantly evolving. Accordingly, the AIBO LM series marks the beginning of a host of product line-up expansions in the future that will satisfy a broad range of consumer tastes,¡¨ said Victor Matsuda, vice president of Entertainment Robot America. ¡§This new series combines a playful design with an attractive price, which we believe will help deliver on our vision of changing the face of home entertainment.”

The AIBO LM series introduces several new features for intimate interaction, including an RGB (red, green, blue) horn lamp on the robot¡¦s head that produces multi-colored independent blinking illuminations that signify a variety of emotions.

Additionally, the new series features touch sensors on the head and paws, similar to the popular AIBO 2nd Generation [ERS-210] series, providing for varying degrees of response and increased sensitivity to human contact. The new robots are also equipped with 15 degrees of freedom (neck x 3 joints, legs x 3 joints x 4), enabling smooth body movement, along with a tail switch for friendly interaction.

AIBO Life AIBO-ware Software

With AIBO Life software, a Memory-Stick„· media-based software package sold separately, AIBO acts as a fully autonomous robot that makes independent decisions about its own actions and behaviors. With the use of AIBO Life the robot has the ability to mature from infant to adult learning new behaviors based on the level of interaction with humans and its environment.

AIBO Pal AIBO-ware Software

AIBO Pal AIBO-ware, a Memory Stick software package sold separately, brings to life a fully mature robot, allowing users to experience the full range of mature AIBO features right out of the box. As with the popular AIBO Life software, users are able to develop their robot¡¦s personality with progressive interaction without having to raise an AIBO to maturity.

AIBO Life/AIBO Pal Key Features

Voice Recognition:
„X 75-word vocabulary
„X Remembers and responds to the name it has been given and the name of its owner
„X Photo Taking Capabilities
„X Saves JPEG image onto Memory Stick„· media upon command
„X Motion detection photography (AIBO Pal only)
„X Tonal Language:
„X AIBO Melody- Control AIBO¡¦s pitch with hand motions
„X Humming Mode- Compose a melody with AIBO
„X Mimic Mode- AIBO will repeat your words in its tonal language
„X Interacts and responds to other AIBO robots (LM series, AIBO 2nd Generation)

AIBO Interacts With Japanese Prime Time Television in October

To coincide with the worldwide release of the AIBO LM series, an animated television program starring the adorable LATTE and co-starring the mischievous MACARON has been planned to air this October in Japan on Fuji Television Network. Japanese users with the AIBO LM series will be able to participate in a unique TV experience that enables the robot to respond to sounds from the animated program.

AIBO Entertainment Robot LM Series Includes:

AIBO Entertainment Robot [ERS-311/312], Stand, AC Adapter, Special Lithium Ion Battery, Pink Ball and Manual.

AIBO LM Series Accessories (sold separately)

A variety of AIBO-ware Memory Stick media applications.
„X AIBO Life [ERF-301AW01E]: Raising and Autonomous AIBO Software
„X AIBO Pal [ERF-301AW06E]: Mature Autonomous AIBO Software
„X Energy Station Core [ERA-301P2]
„X Portable Charger [ERA-301P4]
„X Special Lithium Ion Battery [ERA-301B1]
„X Carrying Bag [ERA-210C1]

Sales Schedule

„X Pre-Sale Reservations: Begins Oct. 1, 2001
„X Purchase AIBO/ Delivery: Begins late October 2001
„X Suggested Retail Price: $850.00

How to Purchase an AIBO LM Series
„X Internet:
„X AIBO Adoption Hot Line: Toll free 1-888-917-7669 (seven days a week, 24 hours a day)
„X Retailers: Sony Style (San Francisco, New York), Sony Gallery (Chicago), select FAO Schwarz locations nationwide