New Sharp Notebook Redefines Ultra-Mobility

New Sharp Notebook Redefines Ultra-Mobility


Sharp Systems of America, a U.S. unit of Sharp Corporation, the recognized world leader of LCD technology, today announced a significant new notebook computer, the Sharp PC-UM10, demonstrating an engineering breakthrough in notebook design.

Sharp’s PC-UM10 defines “Ultra-Mobile” for the industry, weighing in at under three pounds and only 0.65″ thick. Powered by an Intel® Pentium® III 600 MHz ULV processor, configured with 128MB RAM and a 20GB hard drive, running the Windows 2000 operating system and offering up to nine hours of battery life the PC-UM10 is a perfect balance of performance and weight, ideally suited for today’s business travelers.

In June, Sharp Systems announced its entry into the U.S. notebook computer market with the high-performance PC-AR50 with its industry leading SXGA+ high-resolution screen. Now, extending that line with the next-generation PC-UM10, Sharp has given notice of its position as a serious contender in the battle for notebook market share.

Sharp’s PC-UM10 features a magnesium casing for lightweight durability, with an advanced keyboard that provides a full 3 mm key stroke and retracts when the screen is closed, as well as Sharp’s unique frameless LCD display, all in a breathtaking new design.

Sharp’s superior screen quality is legendary and this notebook features a 12.1″ XGA (1024 x 768) display with proprietary AGLR technology (anti-glare, low reflection) to deliver crisp, clear images, fully saturated blacks, and a color range of 16 million colors.

“The new PC-UM10 combines ultra-mobility with full-functionality,” said Craig Rittenhouse, vice president of marketing and product planning for Sharp Systems of America. “With all of the features required by those who need to conduct their business outside of the office, the PC-UM10 is enough PC for even the most demanding business traveler.”

To ensure that the highly mobile PC-UM10 is also extremely capable, an optional port bar, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive and extended life battery will be offered. Available at the end of September, the Sharp PC-UM10 is competitively priced with an estimated street price of $1,999.