Handheld GPS with Memory Map Cards

Handheld GPS with Memory Map Cards


Holux Technology Inc. offers the EZ-Way GM100 handheld GPS device.

The product has a built-in memory map card, with an optional CompactFlash card socket to support a worldwide map of up to 400m. It has 700 waypoints, each with a name, a symbol, and voice and map display options. The 10 nearest waypoints are automatically updated. There are as many as 20 reversible and editable routes with up to 50 waypoints each.

Users can track as many as 3,000 points, as well as pre-input reminders for the trip. The unit will record routes passed over, which can then be transferred onto a PC.

The EZ-Way GM100 measures 56 by 110 by 23mm and weighs 195g without the batteries. It has a 60-by-38mm four-color display with 100 by 160 pixels and EL backlighting.