First Mouse with a Built-in LCD Display Delivers SMS Messages

First Mouse with a Built-in LCD Display Delivers SMS Messages


The .comMouse is setup to receive information automatically and always updated. The search and retrieval of updated information is the task for an intelligent device.

Everything that interests you like auction offer, shopping bargains, stock prices or the latest news – you determine what you want to know. The rest is the job for the internet agent.All relevant information are permanently sent to the Mouse display. Without any delay you access the complete internet content directly with one click on the @-button. It is as simple as that.

Using the .comMouse software you determine your personal interests on the internet agent: all parameters like sentences, words, priorities and topics or your price range for an internet auction. The total of these data creates your individual profile. After finishing your profile the internet agent is activated and there is a constant search for all relevant information according to your profile.

If any result is found, it will be transferred to the display of the .comMouse including a flash signal that an update has been executed and an activation of the @-button for direct access. By “one click” on the @-button you jump to the respective web-site that contains the detailed information.

Using the included software the .comMouse is connected to your computer via the USB port i.e. it is hot-plugable. The special chip in the .comMouse gaurantees a high functionality.

All the latest information that .comMouse provides in cooperation with well-known content providers ensure high reliability of the results displayed. Any new reults are indicated with a flash signal on the .comMouse, so that you can react immediately.

With a click on your @-button, which implements the “One-Click” technology, you’ll be forwarded to the related webpage.

The display is an important feature of the easy-to-use and intuitive .comMouse.

If updates or new informations are availabe, an executable event will be activated, so that the .comMouse and the display sent flashing signals.

The headlines of this new information are displayed in the little screen of the .comMouse.

You can also manage your SMS messages with your .comMouse. The mouse is assigned a telephone number and must be linked to an Internet site that can receive SMS messages.

When the SMS arrives, it will show in the LCD display of the mouse. It can also pick up SMS messages when the computer comes back online. The link to the PC is via the USB port.

If an SMS arrives, the screen on the LCD goes blue and the internet button is activated.