Philips Unveils the New “JackRabbit” External CD-RW Drive

Philips Unveils the New “JackRabbit” External CD-RW Drive


Consumers who want a stylish, easy-to-use portable CD-ReWritable drive will find exactly the right answer in the new ‘JackRabbit’ external drive from Philips. This compact CD-RW burner offers an outstanding combination of performance, design and easy interfacing, which makes it the perfect choice for all those who want a go-anywhere CD Rewriter for data backup or creating personalized CDs of all kinds.

Thanks to its portability and easy IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and USB interfacing, the new ‘JackRabbit’ CD-RW drive is ideal for use with notebook computers, as well as with desktop computers at different locations. With its new, slim design and distinctive styling, ‘JackRabbit’ answers the wishes of users who want more than just another plain PC peripheral and are looking for a product with just as much design appeal as a high-class personal CD player.

The ‘JackRabbit’ drive will be compatible with all major operating systems supporting IEEE 1394, like Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 (Windows XP prepared) and Mac OS.

High-speed data transfer

The broadband FireWire/IEEE 1394 interface for external devices enables high-speed connection to the host computer with high data transfer rates for both read and write operations. Together with the high read/write speeds of up to 12x for CD recording, 8x for rewriting and 36x for reading, this drive is one of the first to overcome the usual speed penalty compared with internal drives.

The high 24x digital audio extraction speed ensures fast and reliable CD Audio ‘ripping’.

The drive interface is a USB 1.1 for convenient connection to any notebook or desktop computer that does not have a FireWire port. The result is almost universal connectivity to computers now equipped with one of these interfaces.

Simple installation with auto ‘tune-up’

The ‘JackRabbit’ is exceptionally easy to use at every stage, from installation to your first “burn”. Simple installation is by a CD-ROM with interactive video content that takes users through the process step-by-step. At the same time the installation program is run, an additional feature automatically tunes the PC configuration for optimal CD writing and reading performance. The drive is then automatically recognized whenever it is connected to the PC thanks to on board ‘hot plug & play’ interfaces.

Plays MP3 music discs directly

The Philips ‘JackRabbit’ meets all users’ CD writing and reading needs. In addition to reading, writing and rewriting data and music CDs, ‘JackRabbit’ plays MP3 music discs directly from CD – even when not connected to a host computer. Equipped with a headphone connection and handy trackball to control volume and next and previous track functions. This is an ideal way for users to enjoy their favorite music tracks they have recorded on MP3 discs.

Supplied with software Easy CD Creator (Windows) & Toast (Mac OS)

Users can start burning discs immediately with ‘JackRabbit’, thanks to Roxio’s Easy CD Creator 5 software for Windows platforms and Toast for Mac OS, which is included in the drive’s kit.

Error-free CD recording

‘JackRabbit’ uses Philips’ latest “intelligent drive” technologies, to ensure high-performance, error-free CD writing and rewriting. This includes Thermo Balanced Writing, to minimize write errors and optimize write speed by automatically matching data writing parameters to the quality of individual discs. A new addition to the “intelligent drive” technology is Seamless Link, an on board solution for “buffer-underruns.”

The Philips solution eliminates the consequences of buffer-underrun, a primary cause of errors and wasted discs in CD recording. Seamless Link monitors recording status and if necessary momentarily pauses recording to prevent a write failure. Seamless Link then resumes recording at exactly the same point, so no data is lost, and the disc is created successfully.

Supplied as complete kits

The Philips ‘JackRabbit’ drive will be supplied in the form of complete kits for PC aftermarket sale. The kit will include interactive installation software CD, Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and Toast software, FireWire and USB interface cable, blank CD-R and CD-RW discs and a universal power supply. Shipments will start in September 2001.