10Gbps to the Home Over Existing Cable Networks

10Gbps to the Home Over Existing Cable Networks


Rainmaker Technologies, Inc. announces landmark technology capable of delivering 10Gbps of digital capacity to the side of the home over existing cable networks. The company is a fabless developer and marketer of silicon solutions that enable cable operators to deliver carrier-class fiber speeds over existing last mile broadband infrastructure.

“Our digital modem technology allows the cable operator to deliver 10 gigabits per second over the last few thousand yards of coaxial cable to the home. Using our technology, the cable operator can incrementally extend their current digital capacity without forklift upgrades and without modifying the existing plant.” says Mark Laubach, CTO, “The Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial cable plant has tremendous advantages for scaling and extending capacity. We provide technology that mines fiber-speed data capacity from existing in-band RF cable spectrum in a manner that completely coexists with current services. The cable operator can grow to 10Gbps to the side of the home when and where needed and in a manner that is completely consistent with current practices.”

“We have the best cost per megabit transmission system in the industry. Step-wise deployment of our technology directly scales the financial business,” comments Paul Chin, CEO. “We provide an order of magnitude increase in subscriber-side capacity at comparable costs and with near drop-in compatibility. The cable operator receives accelerated return for new services such as Video on Demand, High Definition Video on Demand, and custom business data capacity. Our technology immediately leads to lower Total Cost of Ownership. Rainmaker Technologies is about the fastest digital service coupled with the best financial return on installed plant.”