Palm’s Next Wireless Device on the Way

Palm’s Next Wireless Device on the Way


Palm’s upcoming wireless handheld has moved closer to launch after the company received regulatory approval Monday for the device, which Palm is calling the i705.

According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the i705 will have a built-in antenna, a universal connector for add-ons and syncing, and a postage stamp-size Secure Digital expansion slot. There will also be new features aimed at making e-mail a key function of the device.

Since last year, Palm has been promising that it will introduce a new wireless device with always-on access to e-mail, including corporate e-mail. In May, Palm slashed the price of its current wireless handheld, the Palm VIIx, to $199–or to $99 with a one-year commitment to one of the pricier plans on Palm’s Palm.Net service.

A Palm representative was not immediately available for comment Tuesday on when the i705 will launch. However, in the past the company has said the new wireless device would ship during the second half of the year.