Handspring Goes Wireless

Handspring Goes Wireless


Rumors have been circulating for long now (as they usually do), talking about an imminent announcement from Handspring regarding the release of two new models – code name Ace and Columbia. As it turns out, it wasn’t Ace and Columbia that was about to be announced – it was the Manhattan and Shea instead, whose real names will be Treo k180 and Treo g180 respectively.

The two new models share the exact same hardware specifications, such as a 33 MHz DragonBall VZ processor, 16 MB RAM, 4 MB Flash ROM (which means the operating system can be upgraded – a first for Handspring) and a 160 x 160 pixel resolution monochrome display. What comes as quite a shock is that Handspring’s Springboard expansion slot isn’t present in either of the models, and neither does there appear to be any other alternative expansion solutions.

Both devices have a flip-lid design where you’ll be opening the lid and holding the device to your ear, just like any other flip-lid mobile phone. Additionally, there’s a hands-free jack present on the upper left side of the device, just above what’s also a first for Handspring – a jog rocker, or a jog wheel if we were to call it by a more common name.