Synchroscan Launches First Retail Wireless Auto-Dialer for Palm Powered Handhelds

Synchroscan Launches First Retail Wireless Auto-Dialer for Palm Powered Handhelds


Synchroscan, a provider of wireless peripherals for handheld computers, announced today the introduction of Parlay Dialer. The Parlay Dialer will provide Palm Powered(tm) handheld users with the enhanced productivity of a wireless automatic phone dialer. The official unveiling will occur Sept 4-7 at RetailVision, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

The Parlay Dialer is the first auto-dialer accessory for Palm Powered handhelds to be introduced to the retail distribution channel. RetailVision, the premiere event for introducing hot new retail products, will enable Synchroscan to reach key decision makers with ground-breaking technology and gain immediate market attention for this first-of-kind accessory for Palm Powered handhelds.

Synchroscan’s technology is based on Extended Systems’ IrDA-sanctioned infrared wireless connectivity software and is a patent pending design by Hill Sales Company.

“The explosive growth of wireless handhelds is driving the need for accessories like Parlay Dialer,” said Don Baumgartner, director of marketing at Extended Systems. “Our collaboration with Synchroscan is another example of how Extended Systems is working with technology leaders to provide mobile users with useful wireless communications.”

With a single stroke, users can dial the phone directly from the address book of their handheld. The Parlay Dialer makes dialing the phone quick, accurate, and effortless.

Advantages to using the Parlay Dialer include:

Nothing to attach to the handheld
No software to install, setup, or learn
No computer to boot-up and configure

The Parley Dialer is simple to plug in and use. It is connected to the phone line and sits beside the phone. A contact is selected from a user’s address book and “beamed” to the dialer. When the phone is picked up, the number is dialed automatically with the correct pre-dialing digits and area code. The Parlay Dialer works with all Palm Powered handhelds that have an infrared port and hooks to standard (analog) phone lines.

With the rapidly growing consumer interest in handhelds, retailers are eager to review accessories like Synchroscan’s technology. Handhelds are reported to be more than a 17-million user market today with continued explosive growth expected.

“The initial reaction from beta sites and retail customers has been very strong,” explained Doug Limbach, President of Synchroscan. “This is a further indication of the acceptance we envision for this accessory this holiday season.”