Nokia Releases the MediaMaster 9470 S Satellite Receiver

Nokia Releases the MediaMaster 9470 S Satellite Receiver


Nokia Home Communications has launched a new product in its digital satellite receiver product range, making access to digital television for the consumer easier than ever before. The Nokia Mediamaster 9470 S is the first Nokia receiver to be based on an new product platform, adding to the Nokia Home Communications’ offering of high performance digital television products. The Mediamaster 9470 S is based on Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standards and provides consumers access to hundreds of free-to-air television and radio channels. It has an attractive compact innovative design and a set of new appealing features.

“The Nokia Mediamaster 9470 S is an optimal product to meet the rapid growth of the digital free-to-air satellite market. It is stylish, convenient to use, and has a set of great, new features.” said Pekka Kuusela, General Manager Sales, Central Europe, Nokia Home Communications. “Nokia is committed to providing a full range of digital TV receivers that suit the various needs and expectations of our customers. The Nokia Mediamaster 9470 S is a perfect example of how Nokia works to make its products visionary, market leading, flexible and easy to use. With this product we have set a new standard for basic digital satellite receivers.”

The Nokia Mediamaster 9470 S implements the Nokia Navi(TM)Bars user interface and comes with a memory capacity for thousands of channels, thereby enabling consumers to create personal favourite lists. It is easy to install, offers some of Nokia’s most popular games, Snake and Tic-Tac-Toe, and provides the highest quality video and audio experience, supporting Dolby(R) Digital sound.