New Computer Phone Makes your Wishes its Commands

New Computer Phone Makes your Wishes its Commands


One of the things I really like about my Sprint PCS cell phone is the voice dialing feature, which allows me to use voice commands like, “Call Pat at the office” to place calls. This is a network-based (as opposed to handset-based) service, and I can load numbers into the dialing directory from the Sprint PCS Web site.

The feature is so convenient that sometimes I use my cell phone at home, rather than power up a PC, open Outlook, check the Contacts list, and dial the call myself on a wired telephone.

YES, I HAVE A DOZEN or so speed dials already programmed into my home telephone, but the Sprint system holds 500 contacts and several phone numbers for each. That makes the cell phone the very best place to keep my extended telephone directory.

At least it did until a few days ago, when a box arrived from a company called ArialPhone, a Chicago-based startup. It contained a new wireless earset telephone that connects to my PC and accepts voice commands to dial from Microsoft Outlook.