LumiLeds Lighting Announces a Breakthrough LED Backlight Solution for LCD Monitors, Notebooks,...

LumiLeds Lighting Announces a Breakthrough LED Backlight Solution for LCD Monitors, Notebooks, and LCD Televisions


LumiLeds Lighting, the leader in high flux, high powered LED (light emitting diode) technology, today announced a new solution for LCD display backlights that will quickly and dramatically change the LCD backlight industry.

This LED backlight solution has been optimized around LumiLeds’ new high flux LuxeonTM light sources and will enable a whole host of new features that are currently not available via conventional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlight technology. LumiLeds’ LED backlights are the first solid-state solutions for medium to large LCD displays in the industry, immensely more durable than the fragile CCFL while eliminating EMI and mercury completely.

The benefits to end-users are huge. The larger color gamut, up to 130% of NTSC in the backlight, will let the user enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with more saturated and real-life colors. The shade of red lipstick you purchased on the Internet and viewed on your LCD monitor will be the exact color red you receive in the mail.

Color sequential technology enabled by a fast switching LuxeonTM light source, less than 100 nano seconds, will potentially result in a battery life that will allow you to leave your power adapters at home on a typical business trip.

“We’re extremely excited about our LED backlight technology”, claims Mark Pugh, LumiLeds’ VP of strategic marketing, “This solution will allow the LCD display market to go head-head with the incumbent CRT market and win on all performance fronts adding real value for the end user”.

LumiLeds is already working with LCD panel manufacturers for mass adoption and has targeted having LuxeonTM powered backlights on the market by the end of this year.