The New HP Jornada 560 Series


    As the launch of Microsoft’s new Pocket PC 2002 OS for handhelds is coming closer by the day, so do rumors of the devices that will run the operating system. Until now we’ve only been able to share technical details with you – but now you’ll also get to see HP’s new 560 series, which will be the first new PDA to come with the Pocket PC 2002 OS freshly installed.

    HP Jornada’s new 560 series looks nothing short of drop dead gorgeous, and we’re guessing Compaq will face some serious competition unless they get that PDA with wireless integrated they’ve been touting on the shelves soon

    According to our sources, HP will to begin with launch two quite similar models, namely the 560 and the 565. The two models will share the same hardware specifications, except for that they will have 32 and 64 MB RAM respectively. Aside from that, it’s the same Intel StrongARM 206 MHz processor, the same 32 MB-sized ROM, the same 16-bit TFT display which is rumored to be as good as the Compaq iPAQ’s, and the same Compact Flash Type I slot.

    Software-wise, you already know that the 560 series will be running Pocket PC 2002, but it will also feature voice commands and limited speech-recognition, which we previously had speculated would be powered by Philips’ recently ported technology but instead seems to be powered by Conversay – one of the major players in the area of speech recognition for mobile devices.