SCOTT eVEST Technology Enabled Clothing

SCOTT eVEST Technology Enabled Clothing


Every day millions of mobile professionals are missing calls on ringing cell phones, fumbling for beeping PDAs, getting tangled in headset wires from phones and MP3 players. Furthermore, they don’t have enough hands to juggle portable keyboards, beepers, keys, wallets, plane tickets, water bottles and other mundane stuff.

The answer? The SCOTT eVEST.

The eVEST is a unique, stylish, lightweight, 15-pocket vest featuring a built-in, patent-pending Personal Area Network (PAN) that links multiple electronic gadgets.

The Personal Area Network (or conduit system) runs throughout the eVest, holding wires in place with hidden Velcro tabs in the lining — so all anyone sees is your vest. The system enables wearers to carry, link and use all of their electronic gadgets. There’s lots of great pockets for all your personal gear too. (Think of it as a safari vest for the urban, wired jungle).

The revolutionary design permits use of a hands-free headset. A single earpiece is attached to the neck area of the vest. So, when the phone rings, all one has to do is insert the earpiece and press talk. Also, if users have digital phone cards (DPC) that connect a PDA to a cell phone for Internet access, the SCOTT eVEST allows you to do so without removing both devices.