New Multimedia PocketPC from LifeView

New Multimedia PocketPC from LifeView


The LifeView eMMA is a multimedia pocket pc that combines a genuine Intel processor and new hardware into a sleek industrial design that fits comfortably in your hand that is powerful and stylish enough to take anywhere. It offers 32 MB of RAM and 16 MB of ROM– ample memory to hold a robust package of applications while leaving abundant room for other applications. The color TFT screen is a high-resolution (320 x 240) display that offers eye-friendly viewing from many angles and in a variety of lighting situations. The LifeView eMMA integrates the power of a Microsoft Windows? operating system into a portable format. Regardless of desktop PC knowledge or digital organizer, learning to use the LifeView eMMA is fast and easy.

Other PDA features include a built-in microphone, audio speaker, audio-in jack and an infrared port for wireless data transfer. The LifeView eMMA connects to a PC / Notebook using either a USB or serial cable and will allow data input via a selection of options including handwriting recognition, soft keyboard, voice recognition and inking. Additionally, the LifeView eMMA will boast both audible and visual alarms that will alert the user to a scheduled event.

One feature that will really distinguish the LifeView eMMA as a ‘best-of-breed’ PDA device is a camera module that turns the dream of a multimedia pocket pc into reality. Record videos, take pictures, or use it as a digital camera; the LifeView eMMA allows you to do all this and more! Expansion slots were incorporated into the LifeView eMMA enabling the use of CompactFlash and SD memory cards. Moreover, a Bluetooth port is provided for a short-range (up to 10m) 2.4GHz wireless connectivity solution. In the future, as Bluetooth wireless technology becomes more widely accepted and used, it will be possible to use the LifeView eMMA among wireless Personal Area Networks (PANs) for data exchange between devices such as notebook and pocket computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, printers at data rates of up to 721Kbit/s.

Measuring 140mm by 86mm by 2.4 mm, the LifeView eMMA effortlessly fits into a hand or slides into pocket. A rich assortment of software specially designed for PDAs is available for use with the LifeView eMMA.

Only great things can be said about the LifeView eMMA. The lightning fast Intel? processor and hefty memory resources are balanced by a sleek ergonomic design, brilliant color LCD screen and outstanding multimedia capabilities (MP3 player, camera, and wireless transmission). The LifeView eMMA is without question the best multimedia pocket PC available today.