Clickmarks Adds Multilingual Capabilities Enabling Mobile Users to Access Content from Any Device in 65 Languages


    Clickmarks, a leading provider of wireless software infrastructure and products, today announced the addition of universal multilingual support to its mobile data products. End users of the Clickmarks Habitat ™ technology will now be able to access content from the Internet, corporate Intranets and enterprise applications in 65 languages, even if their mobile phones or PDAs lack built-in support for the language.

    Designed to meet the demands of the global economy, Clickmarks’ new multilingual feature overcomes the scarce international font support in mobile devices today. Most Internet-enabled phones and handheld computers are capable of displaying only English or, in some cases, the language of the country where the device was purchased. Many fonts are not available at all, and no device permits users to view multiple languages with different character sets.

    To address this deficiency, server-based software now incorporated in the Clickmarks Habitat application automatically allows text to be displayed in the language of origin, allowing users to see, for example, a Chinese or Japanese data sheet, or a Russian or Arabic news story, with any Internet ready mobile device. This eliminates the need for enterprises to equip their workforce with special equipment, and it enables international carriers to roll out wireless Internet services, even in markets where they are currently unable to do so because support for the local language is not available from device manufacturers.

    “Clickmarks is now the only provider of mobile information solutions to give enterprises and carriers a means of delivering content from any source, to any wireless device, in any language,“ said John Huyett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Clickmarks. “The new multilingual capability of the Clickmarks Habitat platform removes all the complications involved in meeting that need, giving both enterprises and international carriers a way to display global content without the costs associated with purchasing special hardware in order to support the end user’s languages of choice.”

    Clickmarks’ Enterprise Habitat™ gives businesses the ability to equip wired or wireless users with a customizable portal that presents each user’s most frequently accessed information on a single screen. Each personalized habitat can include key information from enterprise applications, production systems, databases and data warehouses, as well as e-mail and content from any Web page. Information is automatically updated to reflect changes in customer history, inventory levels, stock prices or other data built into the habitat by the user.

    Clickmarks’ Mobile Habitat™ is a portal infrastructure that is licensed to wireless carriers to enable their users to access any Web content and perform any m-commerce transaction from their mobile devices. Carriers can customize the content provided, incorporating any data feed or Web content including links, pictures, tables and forms. Subscribers can then personalize the content to fit their needs. By providing subscribers with enhanced functionality as well as complete control over their mobile environment, the Mobile Habitat platform is designed to help carriers build customer loyalty, reduce churn, and increase revenues both by augmenting usage and facilitating m-commerce.

    Clickmarks’ multilingual feature works on any client device equipped with a browser and the graphic display abilities to support .gif, .jpeg, .wbmp or .png image formats. WAP and WML-compliant mobile phones, Palm handhelds, Pocket PCs and EPOC devices are supported.