PocketPyro Porteson MP3 player for Palm M100

PocketPyro Porteson MP3 player for Palm M100


PocketPyro, Inc., the worlds leading developer of performance enhancing accessories for Palm handhelds, announced today that it developed the technology that powers Shinei International’s Porteson MP3 player for the Palm m100 series handhelds. The PocketPyro technology on the Shinei’s Porteson includes the digital audio playback, file system software supporting both the internal flash memory and SD/MMC cards, USB Mass Storage interface with the PC, and the integration of Liquid Audio’s Secure Portable Player Platform (SP3). PocketPyro, Inc. technology also includes the Palm audio playback control program and Palm program and database file transfers between the Palm device and the Shinei’s Porteson internal memory or SD/MMC cards.

The PocketPyro, Inc. Palm playback control program includes numerous features not normally found on MP3 players, including the ability to rearrange the song order in playlists, edit the tag information displayed, jump to any location in the song during playback, 5 band graphic equalizer with 9 presets, programmable buttons on the device, the ability to program buttons on the Palm for playback control, and shuffle/repeat functions.

PocketPyro, Inc. has also developed an innovative user interface technology for the Palm that uses very flexible ‘skins’ for the player application display. Each ‘skin’ is a small Palm resource file that includes the graphics and buttons used by the player. These skins allow the user to select a user interface that they like, and easily change the user interface from the program menu. Current skins include musical notes theme, balloons, bears, extra large buttons, and many more. In addition users can easily share these skin files by simply beaming the files between Palm devices.

In addition to Shinei’s Porteson MP3 player for the Palm m100 series handhelds, PocketPyro, Inc. will soon be shipping their own PyroPro product for the Palm V series handhelds. PocketPyro’s PyroPro comes standard with an amazing 256MB of internal memory, enough for up to 8 hours of near-CD quality music. The PyroPro device also has a long list of features including 24-hour battery life, digital voice recorder, the ability to charge the Palm V, and the ability to function as the cradle for the Palm V to HotSync the Palm V with the PC. The PyroPro also functions as a portable storage device compatible with Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 operating systems and Mac OS support coming soon.