Kanakaris Wireless Debuts Wireless Television

Kanakaris Wireless Debuts Wireless Television


All things old are new again with the introduction today of AK.TV from Kanakaris Wireless. One of the first companies to deliver movies and books digitally over the Internet has a new business being launched today — a television channel, AK.TV!

However, the new product from Kanakaris Wireless and Digital Age guru Alex Kanakaris isn’t like the TV channels your parents watched.

Launching today at www.AK.TV, this is a TV channel which can be seen in over 100 countries. It can be viewed in wireless mobile handheld devices like Pocket PCs, as well as conventional TVs and computers.

AK.TV also makes the dream of interactive TV a reality. At launch, you can click on a video segment and be taken to information on products and place an order. There are also dozens of books which allow for free reading of excerpts and ordering of a print-on-demand version.

Kanakaris Wireless will be introducing additional features to its content on a ongoing basis.

Kanakaris Wireless recently released its 10Q financial report for the third fiscal quarter of 2001. There was significant revenue growth in the wireless sector and Kanakaris will be pursuing new revenue based upon the introduction of AK.TV.