FlyJacket Mobile Presentation Solution For iPAQ

FlyJacket Mobile Presentation Solution For iPAQ


Animation Technologies Inc. plans to unveil its new multimedia product – the FlyJacket for iPAQ at CeBIT Shanghai on 11th of August. The FlyJacket is a full-featured multimedia expansion pack for the iPAQ Pocket PC developed by Animation Technologies.

“In developing the FlyJacket for iPAQ, what we are really achieving is an add-on that allows the PDA to become a true multimedia device” said Sherlock Shih, president and chief executive officer for Animation Technologies, Inc. “The FlyJacket offers more than just presentations on-the-go, it is a mobile multimedia solution for wide range of video purposes ranging from recording full motion video to taking ‘snapshot’s of video being previewed on the PDA.”

Video Output
By connecting either a projector or a VGA monitor to the VGA output, the FlyJacket allows a user to achieve a larger display, up to 800×600; 24bit true colors for presentation or demonstration purposes directly from an iPAQ.

Video Input
Various video sources including VCR, VCD/DVD players, and DSCs may be used as a video input source for the FlyJacket. A user can either preview or record a video, full motion video up to 30fps and grab ‘snapshots’ through an iPAQ using the FlyJacket.

Video Capture
The camera module on the FlyJacketCAM model provides the iPAQ with the ability to offer Digital Still Camera functionality. It will allow the taking of pictures anytime, anywhere as well as saving the images in JPEG file format.

Built-in CF slot
Considering the limited fixed-memory of a PDA, the CompactFlash card expansion slot on the FlyJacket serves as a useful and convenient solution for reading and writing data to the iPAQ. The iPAQ owner will truly appreciate being able to realize CF efficiency without the need to switch between several packs.

The FlyJacket is equipped with a rechargeable Li-on battery that makes it self-sufficient. The battery is the same unit used for certain Motorola mobile phone models. The advantage of this battery is that it may be charged directly from the iPAQ charger or through the specified Motorola charger.

IR Remote
The bundled remote controller has been specifically designed to perform the task of ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ for Microsoft PowerPoint file presentations using the FlyJacket. Furthermore, the opposite end of the remote control is equipped with Laser diode to serve as a pointer during presentations. The pen-sized R/C-laser pointer can be easily taken everywhere.