100 Gig Multi-Connection External Hard Drive

100 Gig Multi-Connection External Hard Drive


Looking to add some serious storage to you PC, Laptop or Mac? These portable external hard drives offer huge capacities and flexible connectivity options at an affordable price. And with capacities ranging up to 100GB, you can store anything. This is the simplest, most effective way to add a fast, portable hard drive to your PC, Laptop or Mac.

The 3.5” KanguruPortable allows you to connect to your computer in any of four ways. Choose one or all of the following connection methods: USB, Firewire, Parallel or Cardbus/PCMCIA. This allows you to connect to virtually any PC, Laptop or MAC just by switching cables.


Lightweight, compact and extremely portable
Available in massive capacities ranging from 30 to 100GB!
Multi-Cable Connectivity! (see connectivity above)
All four connection interfaces allow for high-speed access – easily run large applications directly from the KanguruPortable!
Quick and easy to install
Hot swap – no re-booting necessary to add or remove the KanguruPortable
3 year limited warranty
Vinyl carry case and external power adapter