Toshiba MEA210 Personal Digital Audio Players Features Advanced SD Memory Technology

Toshiba MEA210 Personal Digital Audio Players Features Advanced SD Memory Technology


Toshiba, a prime developer of SD memory card technology, is demonstrating its commitment to this breakthrough digital audio medium with the introduction of its newest ultra-portable Digital Audio Player, the MEA210.

Noted Tony Ikeda, Toshiba’s Assistant Vice President, Portable Digital Products: “Thanks to its secure digital memory and unsurpassed convenience, SD memory card technology is truly the format of the future for high-quality portable music enjoyment. Many music companies have announced business plans to deliver music online, and as a co-developer and supporter of SD technology, Toshiba is committed to providing consumers with products like the MEA210 that offer the best and most convenient way to take advantage of such media.”

Ultra-Thin For “Go-Anywhere” Music Enjoyment
The stylish metallic silver MEA210, which uses SD memory card technology to provide 32MB of internal Flash memory, measure just 2″ x 2″ x ½,’ easily fitting into a shirt or coat-jacket pocket. It allows consumers to record and play back 40 minutes of 96 kbps, rights-protected AAC-encoded digital audio. With a single battery charge, the MEA210 offers users a full five hours of audio playback. A built-in SD memory card slot allows the potential for an additional 80 minutes of digital audio playback (with a 64MB SD card). Weighing just 1.5 ounces without battery, the SDMI compliant MEA210 is compatible with AAC and MP3 formats.

The MEA210 connects to Windows 98-based PCs and laptops via a USB interface. The supplied music management software, Toshiba Audio Manager Version 2.0, makes it fast and easy to download favorite tunes and organize music into play lists. A high-contrast LCD window displays title information, as well as operating mode status.

The MEA210 comes equipped with stereo headphones, one AAA alkaline battery, a USB cable and Toshiba Audio Manager 2.0 application software. The MEA210 carries a suggested retail price of $249 and is currently available.