D-Link’s New 802.11b CF Card

D-Link’s New 802.11b CF Card


802.11b networks give you wide-range, high-speed wireless access at an affordable price – and D-Link’s new DCF-650W Compact Flash Type II card lets you get your PDA hooked up.

Having wireless access to information on a PDA can at times be very useful – be it for connecting to the company network in a business meeting to get a hold of the numbers you didn’t get to synchronize, or for browsing the wireless web and ordering tickets for tonight’s movie at your convenience from the couch at home.

D-Link’s new Air DCF-650W is an 11 Mbps IEEE 802.11b Compact Flash Wireless Network Adapter connects a Handheld PC (HPC) or PDA to any IEEE 802.11b wireless network whether in the home, the office and anywhere else where an 802.11b networks is available – thus fulfilling your dream of untangled access and connectivity to at least a certain degree.

Our new wireless compact flash adapter makes surfing the Internet and synchronizing your PDA simple,” said Steven Joe President of D-Link. “The strict adherence with the latest IEEE 802.11b Networking Standard for Wireless connections and compact flash standards mean the DCF-650W is interoperable with all compliant hardware.”