Pontis Releases a New Multi-Format Stylish MP3 Player

Pontis Releases a New Multi-Format Stylish MP3 Player


The PONTIS SP600 is the first MP3-portable on the market to handle different formats of memory cards. PONTIS – inventor of the portable MP3-player – presented their latest product in May 2001 . With its versatile ability, compatibility to store different music formats, almost unlimited expandability and great sound quality, this smartly designed device has placed well and sucessfully in the portable MP3 market. However, the developers of PONTIS will not stop there; the optimized PONTIS SP610 Referenz renders a new dimension to technology and design.

Within its 90 x 65 x 20 mm shell you find technology for total and portable musical enjoyment. The new player is made of handpicked, each one separately tested components and weighs in at just 95g (without battery).

The tried and true PONTIS sound quality is made even more powerful by a volume boost and an improved D/A-converter. »Sound from outside the head« is a new technique developed by PONTIS in collaboration with the technical university at Amberg. With this technology the headphones sound like top of the line stereo system speakers.

With two card slots (one for MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital card or ROS Card, the other for Compact Flash) the use of memory modules is completely flexible. For example, owners of digital cameras can use their card alternately for pictures and music. The player can handle cards with unlimited storage capacity. The SP610 Referenz proves its flexibility with different formats of encoded music. In addition to MP3 it works with MS Audio, AAC and Real Audio. And it can be used as a standard data storage unit. Plug and play installation under Windows 2000 is possible without an additional driver. Windows 98, 98SE, 2000 and ME, MacOS from 9.0 onwards as well as Linux from Kernal 2.4 onwards are no problem at all for the SP610 Referenz. The great audio points of the SP610 Referenz are optimized by top-grade components, thus giving the bass-section even more foundation. With the 5-band-equalizer (+/- 9dB) 5 sound graphs are freely adjustable. The ID3-tag display shows album, artist and title of the current song. The bookmarking feature even remembers the position in the last song. The game-option wins hearts of game freaks as well. With the large-scale high-resolution display they can let their passions run wild – just as they already can with some mobile phones.

As a very special service, registered customers get new games and software up dates for free via www.pontis-club.com

Inspite of the enormous performance rendered, the integrated battery saving function makes one 1.5 Volt Mignon AA-battery enough for up to 7 hours of music enjoyment. The possibilities of the player are endless. A modem, hands free mobile phone unit, MP3 encoder FM radio and voice recording are all on the way. The player is configured for the future: it is upgradeable for new software, audio formats, games and so on. It is encased in a futuristic, top quality, metallic design – with exchangeable faceplate.

The SP610 Referenz will be available in September, 2001. It comes with a luxurious OEM equipment of the Steinberg version MyMP3, PONTIS-L.E.D. software, Sennheiser headphones and a 128MB Compact flash card. The recommended retail price for the complete bundle will come up to EUR 499,00 (excl. VAT).