NTT to Offer Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Terminal Adapter

NTT to Offer Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Terminal Adapter


NTT East Corp. and NTT West Corp. announced that they plan to market a Bluetooth terminal adapter, named “INS Mate FT80bt Wireless Set.”

Its set price of $290 USD, without tax, includes a core adapter and an extension. One additional extension is $130 USD. They will be available from Aug. 7.

The set is an Internet-accessible terminal adapter composed of “INS Mate FT80bt,” the core adapter, and “FT80bt Adapter,” the wireless extension, capable of wireless communications between them based on Bluetooth Ver.1.1 through the Multilink Protocol communication at the transfer speed of 128kbps. They say it is possible to have wireless communications within a 100m radius.

The core adapter (photo left) has multiple interface terminals; one USB port, one RS232C-C port, one S/T port, and two analog ports for L-mode-enabled communication appliances. It also corresponds to the function of the L-mode standard “notice of message arrival,” a function that enables not only a message-indicator embedded in the core adapter to light up when a message arrives, but also an LCD panel of the L-mode-enabled phone and other equipment to indicate the arrival of mail.

The terminal adapter (photo right) has a “MUX communication function,” which enables three PCs to access the Internet at the same time. PCs can have Internet access by connecting the first PC to a USB port of the core adapter, the second PC to an RS232C-C port of the core adapter, and the third PC to the wireless extension. Under this environment, the three PCs access the same access point of a provider using the “B-channel,” one channel of NTT’s “INS Net 64” ISDN communications system.