Nextel To Offer First Full-Size Portable Keyboard for Wireless Phones

Nextel To Offer First Full-Size Portable Keyboard for Wireless Phones


Nextel Communications Inc., today announced that it will be selling the first portable keyboard to enhance mobile office applications with Nextel i85s and i50sx wireless phones by Motorola.

The portable keyboard, called the Motorola iBoard(TM), provides the convenience and utility of a full-size, laptop keyboard for composing e-mail messages, managing address books and calendars, and using Java(TM) applications, such as a business calculator and expense report pad.

The lightweight, folding iBoard keyboard, designed and manufactured by Think Outside, provides unique function keys to optimize Nextel Internet-ready phone operations. These capabilities include accessing Nextel Wireless Web services, launching applications such as date book and note pad, activating the speakerphone, turning off the phone and adjusting phone volume.

“Nextel is the first wireless carrier to have available a portable keyboard, strengthening the company’s leadership position in delivering mobility solutions for business customers,” said Greg Santoro, vice president of Internet and Wireless Services for Nextel. “The new keyboard will help users increase productivity by more easily accessing mobile office applications as well as content and commerce services using the Nextel Wireless Web.”

Nextel is the only wireless carrier to have Java-enabled phones available in the United States market. The i85s and i50sx Internet-ready phones include an embedded Java-powered environment that allows developers to maximize the advantages of local storage and processing. The Java capability allows subscribers to run applications and update data, even while disconnected from the network.

Nextel expects to sell more than one million i85s phones over the course of a year.

The phones can access Nextel four-in-one wireless services including Nextel Direct Connect®, a digital two-way radio feature that supports fast, effective communications among users in the same fleet. Other Nextel services include digital cellular, text and number messaging, two-way messaging and wireless web access.

The portable iBoard keyboard is currently available for $99.95 through a Nextel sales representative, the Nextel web site at and Nextel Nextday accessories hotline at 1-800-914-3240. It will also be available through Nextel’s Authorized Representatives and Retailers.