Red-M Blade Brings Bluetooth Mobility to Palm Handheld Users

Red-M Blade Brings Bluetooth Mobility to Palm Handheld Users


Red-M™, a leading supplier of advanced Bluetooth™ networking product solutions, today launches the Red-M BladeTM, Bluetooth clip-on for the Palm™ Vx handheld computer. The Red-M Blade attaches easily to the back of the handheld, combining all the functionality of the Palm OS platform with Bluetooth wireless flexibility, whether in the office or on the road.

Access email, calendar, contacts and browse the Internet or Intranet anywhere

Communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices for data sharing and game-playing

Send SMS messages, and auto-dial contacts direct from your Palm Vx

Connects without wires in the home, on the road or in the office

When out of the office the Red-M Blade can connect anytime, anyplace, anywhere to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to enable access to email, calendar, other data and the net on a Palm Vx handheld, turning it into a mobile office. The Red-M Blade will identify and can connect with other authorized Bluetooth devices, such as a PC, to enable wireless synchronization. It can also communicate with other Palm Powered devices for applications such as game playing.

When in the office or at home, the Red-M Blade can link to a Bluetooth network, such as that provided by Red-M’s 3000AS access server and 1000AP access point devices, to enable low cost, high speed access to email, calendar, contacts information, plus the Intranet and Internet.

The Red-M Blade design allows the Palm handheld to be installed in its cradle to top up its battery without removing the clip-on enabling users of the Palm handheld to be Bluetooth enabled 24 hours a day. Combined with Red-M’s intelligent BladeLinkTM software, connection in the office, home or on the road is seamless and automatic.

John Cook, senior director of product marketing at Palm, Inc., adds, “We are delighted that Red-M is implementing a Bluetooth wireless application. The Red-M Blade combines the benefits of Bluetooth with the power of the Palm handheld to enable wireless access to relevant information.”

Simon Gawne, Vice President and co-founder, Red-M, comments, “The Red-M Blade is an innovative, must-have, accessory that adds a new level of functionality and flexibility to the Palm Vx handheld. From the large corporate to the small business to the consumer, users of the Red-M Blade have a serious productivity enhancer that can connect them anytime to a wide variety of information sources.”

Priced at $199, the Red-M Blade will be available in August 2001 from selected retail outlets. For further information, please go to Red-M’s website at