PC-EPhone, Inc. Announces Availability Of The World’s First Wireless Convergence Device

PC-EPhone, Inc. Announces Availability Of The World’s First Wireless Convergence Device


PC-EPhone, Inc. is pleased to announce that beginning immediately, it will take orders in the United States and Canada for the world’s first integrated handheld PC, PDA, Organizer, Entertainment System and CDMA telephone known as the “PC-EPhone”. Today’s announcement comes after years of development and anticipation spawned by the PC-EPhone’s successful introduction at last November’s Comdex and this June’s PC-EXPO.

“The PC-EPhone is a combination of genius and vision,” says David Meltzer, President and CEO of the Company. “Our sustainable business model is to provide wireless solutions real-time and dynamically to assist our customers with their critical business issues of productivity and efficiency.” The launch of its lead product marks another key milestone for the Company, which only weeks ago introduced its new CEO with his go-to-market strategy consisting of a fundamental value proposition to the Fortune 2000 and mobile consumers.

Initially, the PC-EPhone will be sold for wireless data only. Its built-in standard Compact Flash (CF) slot provides immediate access to major wireless networks via carrier-accepted CF cards from third-party vendors, including Enfora, Inc. and Socket Communications Inc. The data capabilities will be accessible via Enfora’s PocketSpider which is certified on all the major CDPD networks (AT&T “Firmware sensitive”, Verizon, Alltel, OmniSky and GoAmerica), as well as via Socket’s CDMA CF card which is certified on all major CDMA networks (Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, Alltel, Nextel, Qwest and Voicestream). GSM digital phone cards also work with the device.

Unlike many of its competitors, the PC-EPhone’s unique form factor allows for real-time, dynamic internet usage. Incorporating a 640 x 480 VGA-quality, color display provides the end-user with a value-justified experience like no other. Combined with its other built-in features, including a standard compact flash slot, IRDA and integrated CDMA modem and telephone, the PC-EPhone truly is the world’s first user-friendly converged device.

Purchasing Information

Purchasing and reseller information can be obtained via the Company’s website at www.pc-ephone.com or by phone at (858) 550-2020. Please telephone PC-EPhone, Inc. for further information and orders. First shipment is expected in 60 to 90 days.