Dell Adds More Muscle, New Colors to Its Notebook Computer Lines

Dell Adds More Muscle, New Colors to Its Notebook Computer Lines


Dell today announced the worldwide availability of two new wireless-ready notebook computers, the InspironTM 8100 and the LatitudeTM C810, that offer customers significantly improved performance and lower power usage.

The notebooks feature Intel’s new Mobile Pentium® III processor 1.13 GHz-M, which John Medica, vice president of Dell’s client product group, says is an important step in the evolution of mobile computing.

“When you add these new processors to notebooks with large, ultra-sharp 15-inch displays and multiple optical drives, both the Inspiron 8100 and the Latitude C810 become true desktop replacements. They deliver the mobility and flexibility of a high-performance system that customers can use anywhere, anytime,” Medica said.

The new Intel® Mobile Pentium III 1.13-M processor can offer more that 25 percent higher performance on productivity applications and 45 percent better performance on gaming applications compared to the Intel Pentium III at 1GHz processor.

In addition to higher processing performance, the Latitude C810 will feature the NVIDIA GeForce2Go chipset, which offers increased graphics capacity, up to 32MB, and performance. The NVIDIA graphics solutions includes Twinview® technology, which allows customers to use dual monitors on the same notebook system, a common configuration in the financial industry.

Dell also announced today the availability in the United States of 12 new optional Inspiron color kits that allow users to creatively customize the look of their systems. Several of the new colors are based on textures and feature a “soft touch” surface, including Black Leather and Fishskin, while others offer more unique looks, such as Burled Wood, Spring Palette and Champagne. The color kits for the Inspiron 8100 and the Inspiron 2500 have inserts that snap easily into the palm rests. The kits for the Inspiron 4000 have inserts for the palm rests and LCD back panel. They are available for $29.99 and $49.99 per set respectively.

The price of a typical Inspiron 8100 starts at $2,0491. It features a Mobile Intel Pentium III processor 1.13 GHz-M, 128 MB SDRAM, 15-inch SXGA+ display, 24X max CD-ROM, 10GB2ATA-100 hard drive, integrated 56k v.90 modem3, 16MB Nvidia GeForce2Go graphics chipset, Microsoft® Windows® Millennium, Microsoft Works Suite and 1-year limited warranty4. More information on Inspiron notebooks is available at

The price of a wireless-ready Latitude C810 starts at $2,459. It features a Mobile Intel Pentium III processor 1.13GHz-M, 128 MB SDRAM, 15-inch UXGA display, 16 MB Nvidia GeForce2Go graphics chipset, 10 GB hard disk drive, integrated 56k v.90 modem, Dell’s DualPoint technology, fixed 24X maximum CD-ROM drive, floppy diskette drive, Microsoft Windows 2000, and 3-year next-business-day onsite service5. More information on Latitude notebooks is available at

The Inspiron and Latitude product lines are supported by Dell Services, which can help lower a customers’ cost of computing with a full suite of award-winning computing services, including deployment and after-sale support. Complete information on Dell Services is available at