Parachute PC Card Adapter Gives New Life to Old Palms

Parachute PC Card Adapter Gives New Life to Old Palms


Parachute Technologies, LLC announces the release of the Parachute(TM) PC Card adapter designed for Palm® handheld organizers.

Parachute(TM) III, the world’s only PC Card adapter for Palm handheld organizers, clips on a Palm III series organizer allowing it to accept any Type II PC Card or Compact Flash (CF) Card through the use of a CF Card to PC Card converter.

“We are excited to bring the first product to market that truly expands the capabilities and extends the life of the millions of Palm IIIs being used by mobile professionals worldwide,” said Scottie Jack, President and CEO of Parachute Technologies, LLC. “For the first time, Palm III users will be able to utilize existing PC Cards for applications such as wireless Internet access, wireless LAN access to company data, browsing web sites and sending e-mail. The applications are as varied as the number of PC Cards out there.”

Parachute Technologies began accepting on-line orders today through the company’s web site, , with delivery within six to eight weeks. The suggested list price of $149.00 has been reduced to $129.00 with free shipping for the first 30 days.

“Parachute products offer a cost-effective alternative to upgrading, which retail customers and corporate buyers find very attractive,” explained Jack. “We plan to develop products for all PDAs that use the Palm OS, including the Visor, HandEra and the HP Jornada. In addition, Parachutes are well underway for the Palm V and Palm 505.”

Other than the Palm IIIc, Parachute III is compatible with the entire Palm III series including the IBM Workpad PC Companion. It works with many PC Card devices such as the Novatel Merlin CDPD modem on the AT&T wireless Network and RIM wireless PC Card for the Mobitex network.