eMagin Breakthrough Exceeds LCD Color Quality On OLED Microdisplay

eMagin Breakthrough Exceeds LCD Color Quality On OLED Microdisplay


eMagin Corporation, the leader in organic light emitting diode (OLED) on silicon display technology, today announced the ability to create OLED video displays with a balanced full-color spectrum exceeding that of the best commercially available liquid crystal display (LCD) notebook displays. The broader color spectrum OLED microdisplay incorporated in a prototype binocular entertainment headset will be demonstrated today between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at SPIE’s International Symposium on Optical Science and Technology underway at the San Diego Convention Center.

By creating a balanced full-color spectrum, including white, eMagin’s OLED microdisplay-based systems provide customers with fuller and deeper color ranges than obtainable with other portable products. Coupled with eMagin’s unique precision gray level control and color memory at each pixel, the company’s displays will provide users with exceptional video quality and performance for mobile information products such as portable computers, wireless Internet viewers, portable DVD players, gaming platforms, and wearable computers.

“Our research team at eMagin has made yet another remarkable innovation,” said Dr. Webster Howard, eMagin’s vice president of technology. “Until now, our OLED color range and chromaticity was close to that of a CRT (cathode ray tube), but now it exceeds the standard of the CRT’s color saturation in red and green and it is getting very close in the blue. We exceed the color range of all commercially available color notebook displays that we know of. This is a major advantage for PC video game and DVD entertainment applications, as we now span the vast majority of range of the average person’s ability to perceive color with our unique version of this technology.”

In his talk at the SPIE International Symposium on Monday morning, Dr. Amal Ghosh, senior manager of color imaging for eMagin, will present data showing that all three RGB (red, green, and blue) points on the color chromaticity chart simultaneously exceed the characteristics of conventional LCDs used in laptop and desktop computers. The achievement of this balanced full-color spectrum also represents the largest color gamut known to have been obtained from an OLED display of any type.

The new deeper color range OLED microdisplays will be available shortly in the OLED SVGA+ microdisplay products to eMagin’s customers.