Insignia’s Jeode Technology Set to Ship With New “SuperPDA” From ViewSonic

Insignia’s Jeode Technology Set to Ship With New “SuperPDA” From ViewSonic


Insignia Solutions®, the leading provider of accelerated Java™ software solutions for information appliances, announced today that its Jeode™ virtual machine technologies are incorporated into a 10-inch “SuperPDA” that will ship next month by ViewSonic® Corporation, a worldwide leader in visual technologies.

ViewSonic’s innovative ViewPadTM 100 SuperPDA is a lightweight (under 2.5 pounds), stylish, handheld mobile communication and information management product for
business professionals. Insignia’s Jeode platform allows ViewPad 100 users to experience the rich Java content on the Web by enabling them to take advantage of Java-enabled websites and execute Java applets from within their Internet Explorer browsers.

“Insignia has earned a reputation for delivering high performance, robust Java virtual machine technologies for Windows CE and other platforms,” said Marc McConnaughey, senior vice president of the Advanced Technology and Products Group at ViewSonic. “Insignia’s market leadership position, superior technology and experience in delivering a JVM plug-in for Internet Explorer were key factors in our decision to select them.”

“ViewSonic’s extensive experience with CRT displays, flat-panel monitors, projectors and plasma displays enables them to deliver a full-screen, color PDA product that offers both mobility and a superior viewing experience,” said Mark McMillan, president and chief operating officer with Insignia Solutions. “One of the best ways for their users to check out this value proposition is to experience one of the dynamic Java-enabled websites on the Internet – which, of course, our Jeode technology makes possible.”

ViewPad 100 SuperPDA

The ViewPad 100 SuperPDA leverages ViewSonic’s understanding of the complete visual technology experience by offering businesses the combination of full-screen color viewing along with the latest in portable wireless computing. It is designed for mobile users in the office, on the road or at home. Powered by Windows CE and the StrongARM microprocessor, the ViewPad 100 SuperPDA lets users access data from virtually anywhere — whether to synchronize important business and personal data at their desk or connect with network-based applications while remote.

Jeode Platform

The Jeode™ platform enables accelerated and robust Java™ functionality on information appliances. A “Sun Authorized Virtual Machine” fully compatible with the PersonalJava™ and EmbeddedJava™ specifications, the Jeode EVM™ runtime engine can execute Java applications 6-10 times faster than interpretive JVMs in roughly the same amount of memory.

Key attributes include:

Industry leading accelerated performance and efficient memory utilization through patent-pending dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC™) and precise, concurrent garbage collection technologies
Configurability and tunability to meet the diverse needs of information appliance developers
A turn-key software solution already ported and tested on popular RTOS/ microprocessor combinations:
– Operating systems include Windows CE, Windows NT4, VxWorks, Linux, ITRON, Nucleus, BSDI Unix and pSOS
– Microprocessors include MIPS, ARM, Intel x86, PowerPC and Hitachi SH-3 and SH-4